Cracking at the Martin County Fair!

I just got home from the Martin County fair. Being able to attend yesterday’s whip cracking contest was a real boost to my motivation as whipmaker. Whipmakers Ron Allen and Steve Koliski were also in attendance. Had it not been for those guys, there’s no way I could have kept up with all the crackers and falls that needed repairs. I must also point out that none of the day’s activities would have even taken place had it not been for the efforts of Debra Purves, who stepped up and organized this contest even though she had never organized one before.

Below are a few pictures taken by Ron Allen of If you want to see more pics and read Ron’s synopsis of the day’s events, please visit the Whip Basics Forum.

young fellow

7 year old with 2 cow whips!

Girl winners

Girl winners


Martin County Winners Boys

Guy Winners

It was great to meet  the many wonderful young people who came out to show off their whip cracking skills. I was also delighted to get to meet up with Ken S. and Kent again. It had been a while since I’d seen them. For Ron, Ken, Kent, and myself, the day’s events were topped off with a few hardy laughs and some good conversation over big plates of BBQ from Bono’s in Stuart. (I’m one whipmaker who loves some good BBQ!)

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2 responses to “Cracking at the Martin County Fair!

  • Debra Purves


    Your web site had a lot of people taking notice at Martin County Fair’s first Whip Popping Contest…your efforts helped make the event a success. Thank you so much and you are required to be at next year’s event along with all the judges that were so awesome and helpful! I am bless to know you and thanks for all your repair work at the contest! I have had nothing but compliments for you and all the volunteers that made this a wonderful event! Fun, Fun, Fun…can’t wait for next year!

  • Jennifer Pollock

    Rhett thank you so much for coming. I had two boys in the contest Cecil and Dalton. Cecil took third all over and was very excited. We intend to be contacting you within the next week or so to order 2 whips. Thanks so much for coming out and supporting us.

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