Synthetic “Whitehide” Stockwhip


On my latest attempt at making an Australian stockwhip, I wanted to imitate the look of a whitehide stockwhip. The whip I am holding in the photo there is the result of that endeavor.

Like my first nylon stockwhip, this whip has a 4ft thong and the handle was built on an 18 inch,  5/8″ hardwood dowel.

The handle is 16 plait in a double-diamond pattern. The biggest problem with my first stockwhip was that my keepers were way too long. I remedied that somewhat on this whip and I also did a “grapevine” on the whip handle just below the keeper.

I am already planning for my next nylon stockwhip. On the next project, I will be trying my hand at using some toheti cane for a handle instead of a hardwood dowel. I recently purchased 3 pieces of cane from Paul Nolan ( for my upcoming stockwhip projects.

On last thing, below is a banner that Robby Amper asked  Holger (the Whip Basics webmaster) to make up for me. They said I can use it as I wish, so if you would like to use it on a web link page, then help yourself to it!


(Thank you Robby and Holger!!)

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