George Altman

Here’s a video about Florida whipmaker George Altman.

Thanks goes to Ron Allen for sending me this video.  Now I know, at least according to Altman, that until I start making buckskin cow whips, I’m not really a whipmaker! LOL!

I have 2 Altman nylon cow whips that were sent to me by a fellow in Texas who wants me to sell them for him. He is asking $50.00 per whip. Contact me if you’re interested in purchasing one of them. Here’s a photo of one of the whips so you can see what they look like:

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3 responses to “George Altman

  • Kate Donahue


    You’ll be glad to know that George Altman is alive and saddlemaking in Wauchula, FL. I just got my custom saddle for my Percheron from George two weeks ago and it fits like a dream. What a wonderfully talented gentle man. I am blessed to know him and his wife, Barbara.


  • RK

    Thanks for letting me know. I have edited the post. 🙂


  • RK

    FYI everyone:

    The whips above have been sold…


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