Exotic Cow Whip Handles!

7ft Cow Whip w/ Bocote Handle

7ft Cow Whip w/ Bocote Handle

After years of making handles from ash and other domestic wood, I have decided to get into making handles from exotic wood. I plan to offer these handles in a variety of wood types that may be found at websites such as Rockler.com.

Friday I made my first exotic handle and it’s made from bocote. The grain in this piece is simply amazing to look upon.  I shaped the handle in the same manner as most of my others, but I didn’t cut grip lines into it.

Bocote Cow Whip Handle

Bocote Cow Whip Handle

Keep in mind that the handle above has not been stained at all! That’s the natural color of bocote. The only thing I have put on it is beeswax.

The price for exotic  handles will vary depending upon the cost of the wood desired by the customer. I will do my best to keep the cost as low as possible by selecting quality suppliers who sell at reasonable prices.

Stay tuned for more exotic wood handle photos to be posted here. I am going to be making one from cocobolo and African blackwood in the near future.

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