Stockwhips and Site Update

4ft x 12 plait Nylon Stockwhip

4ft x 12 plait Nylon Stockwhip

I have some good news! I was planning on holding off marketing my nylon Australian stockwhips until June, but now I’ve decided to go ahead start marketing them now.


Because of customer demand of course! If folks want Kelley made nylon stockwhips, then Kelley made nylon stockwhips they will get!

The price structure for these whips are a bit different than my other whips because of the amount of time that goes into making these whips. Instead of a flat per foot price, these whips will have a base price and an additional per foot charge for each additional foot.

For example: a 4ft stockwhip is $99.00. Each additional foot of thong is $14.00 per foot.

Also, my main site has had another update. The order page now has pricing and order info about my stockwhips as well as the Whip Basics DVD series.

Please visit and take a look!

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