Credit Where It’s Due

I’ve noticed something lately. There’s one man who lives Down Under  -way down under– who has had a great impact on upstart whipmakers all over the world.

Even those plaiters, such as myself, who mostly (or exclusively) work with nylon have often sought his advice or watched his tutorials to learn from this master. On Youtube, you mostly see his hands at work, but he has been known to get in front of the camera for a whip cracking tutorial.

He’s always friendly. Always willing to help. Always encouraging. Never arrogant or boastful, even though he’s probably one of the best whipmakers on the planet.

This morning as I read the bios of several whipmakers on the Whip Basics team, his name kept coming up over and over again as being one of the plaiters who was willing to help so many of the guys to learn the craft. When I first developed my nylon bullwhips, I used his whipmaking tutorials also.

My wife and I own a couple of his whips and I’m honored to say that he’s cracked one of my cow whips and left a nice review of it as well.

Who is this influential whipmaker?

None other than Bernie Wojcicki of EM Brand Whips.

Friends, Bernie is a whipmaker par excellence. I don’t even know if he realizes how great of an influence he has been on so many young plaiters. Even if he did, I don’t think he’d make much of a fuss over it.  If you don’t own an EM Brand whip, I encourage you to get one, two, or a few. If you’re interested in becoming a plaiter someday, he’s a good guy to imitate.

(Thanks Bernie for all that you do each and every day!)

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