Leather Project Update

img_1147I just got this kip hide today.  It came from the United Kingdom via my pal  Ron Allen. If I’m not mistaken, it’s about 20 sq. ft. in size: a whole animal and not just a side. Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to turn this thing into a cow whip or 2 sometime in the future. I’ve got a few more tools I want to get my hands on before I start cutting out the lace, but once I get started, I’ll be sure to post a message about it here.

Oh yeah, stay tuned as there will be probably be some more information and photos of my contribution to the Whip Basics Signature Range whip project.

Have a great weekend everybody.


About Rhett

A very happily married father of 5, professional whip maker, Beekeeper, EMT-I, and imperfect follower of The Lord Jesus Christ. If you need a custom built whip, I'm your guy. http://www.cowwhips.com View all posts by Rhett

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