WBSR Cow Whip

Today I am happy to unveil my contribution to the Whip Basics Signature Range! The WBSR is a of special group of whips. They are crafted by well known and reputable plaiters from all over the world who’ve partnered with Robby Amper to provide a select group of whips to be sold as “Signature Whips.” I count it an honor and a privilege to be numbered among the plaiters who are providing whips for this project.

The whip I made is a very special Florida Cow Whip that has a color scheme and pattern inspired by the Eastern Coral Snake that inhabits Florida and a handful of other southeastern states. Cow whips that are used on the ranches of Florida are often 10ft to 14ft in length. So at only 6 ft in length, this cow whip is much like the venomous snake that inspired it: smaller than average, but still capable of handling business when it needs to do so.

For the 14 inch handle, I wanted to do something that has probably never been done on a cow whip before. Therefore I chose to use a very expensive, and highly sought after wood known as African Blackwood or Mpingo. Blackwood is often used to make woodwind instruments such as oboes, and clarinets. The result was a very dark, very hard whip handle that will last just as long as the synthetic thong to which it is attached.

Though the handle is certainly not traditional, the thong of whip remains true to its “Florida Cracker” roots being finished in the traditional tapering twist which is a design that is unique Florida cow whips and results in a very accurate whip.





You may own an authentic WBSR Kelley made cow whip for $175.00.

For more information or to order, please contact me at Rhettswhips @ Yahoo. com or call 912-685-6759.

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