Mo’ Guts = Mo’ Better!

In Australia, they have a saying: “A whip is like a man… no guts, no good.”

6ft bullwhip made with 2 plaited bellys and 12 handle

6ft bullwhip made with 2 plaited bellys and 12" handle

With that thought in mind, I’m pleased to announce that I have redesigned my bullwhips so that they have more in the “guts” department than what they did previously.

When I first started making bullwhips, I basically modified my cow whip thong design to accommodate the rigid steel bullwhip handle and I increased the diameter to a 16 plait. I also had to figure out a way to keep the handle/thong transition from being too floppy. I solved these challenges by making a kind of bolster out of two pieces of something called “mule tape.” I wrapped it real tight with nylon twine (around the shot loaded core coming off the handle)  and then covered it with a 10 or 12 plait belly and then a 16 plait overlay.

This method worked for several years, but as I was talking shop with other nylon plaiters –especially Ron Allen– I discovered that some of these guys were actually plaiting 2 bellys and then an overlay. Because I was already making my snakewhips with two plaited bellys, I decided to give it a try on the bullwhips. I was pleased with the result.

Going forward, all my bullwhips will be constructed with the following “guts:”

  1. Shot loaded core for weight.
  2. 8 plait belly, reinforced with an artificial sinew wrap coming off the handle/thong transition.
  3. 12 plait belly.  Again, reinforced with the sinew wrap at the transition and down the thong for a good distance.
  4. 16 plait final overlay.

It’s a bit more work, but in some ways, it’s less aggravating that my old method. This is really one of those things that I’m kicking myself for not having tried before! I guess that’s one thing about whipmaking: you never stop learning new and better ways to improve your craft. I think this new design will help make my bullwhips even better than before.

Stay tuned because I have another announcement to make concerning pricing. I will post that either tomorrow or Monday morning.

Have a blessed weekend!


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