Florida, First in America: Cattle, Horses, and Cowboys

This video will give you just a tiny taste of why I am so proud of my Florida Cracker heritage:

The bottom line:

The Florida cow whip isn’t some new fangled whip that we just came up with in the past few decades, it has a rich hertiage that goes back almost 500 years…


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4 responses to “Florida, First in America: Cattle, Horses, and Cowboys

  • Chris Jenkins

    Have you seen the whole film? When I get a little homesick, I’ll watch the film. Most of it occurs in Arcadia and Hardee County where I lived for the five years before we moved to OK. Like you I’m proud of my Cracker heritage (although I was not raised on a ranch) and the fact that the Cracker cowboy’s history is an extensive and long lived one. I just hope it will survive!!


  • RK


    Haven’t seen it yet, but it is on my short list of DVDs to buy. 🙂 I lived on a ranch in Lake County for most of my youth.


  • Chris Jenkins


    I bought both of the DVDs but most if not all that is on the first one is included in the second so I would just get the second one. I was born in Sarasota Co. Never lived on a ranch but always wanted to. Both my parents were raised on farms and wanted to give us kids a “better” life and moved to suburbia when they came to FL. But I have always tried to be around the Crackers and married a fifth generation girl.


  • Andy Craig

    Just wondering when or if the dvd is out yet and if so where can I get several. Enjoying the wipe you made for me, I like the handle on yours much better than the handles on my other 2 whips. Keep up the good work, my friend

    Thanks, Andy

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