SanSoucie Latigo Whips Arrived!

I haven’t bought a whip since 2001, but after I saw the latigo whips made by Skip SanSoucie at, I knew I had to have one! I ordered a 6ft bullwhip with a bocote handle for myself, and a hunting whip for my wife. The whips arrived today and I am very proud to have them in my small collection. I highly recommend his work if you want to buy  a high quality leather whip that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Here’s some pics:

(The antler on this handle came from a deer I harvested behind our house)

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One response to “SanSoucie Latigo Whips Arrived!

  • Robert Amper

    Congrats on that one! The latigo whips from Victor SanSoucie are a perfect example that a high quality leather whip does not have to be expensive at all. His quality & his craftsmanship are exceptionally good. These whips look great, man!

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