Quick Admin Note: Whip Making Questions

I will no longer respond to any whip making questions that are posted in my blog comment box. Please direct all such questions to me @ Rhettswhips@yahoo.com. This will save me time and is a better way in which to contact me.

At times I even get questions in which the person asking demands that I respond immediately. I find this to be a disrespectful attitude and such questions will not be answered at all. It took me over 18 years to learn everything I know, so waiting a couple days for me to answer a whip making question isn’t going to kill anyone.

I’m not trying to be mean, but when people don’t act as if they are paying attention to my instructions -or seem to lack respect- I don’t feel obligated to help. Besides that, there are many plaiters out there who will not share any knowledge; so please do not disrespect those who do.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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One response to “Quick Admin Note: Whip Making Questions

  • essentiaindywhips

    It seems fair to me that people should be respectful when asking questions, and your spot on there are plenty out there that would like to see whipmaking a closed shop and so tell nothing….

    I guess sometimes people by the time they get to a whipmaker that will answer their questions has been ignored so many times by others they are already frustrated before they ask the question….that is of course no excuse but understandable all the same….

    Keep sharing your knowledge Rhett it will pay you back ten fold or at least thats what I’ve found life being life there will unfortunately always be an odd fly in the ointment though….


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