Coral Snake Stockwhip

The coral snake pattern has been one of my most popular patterns for cow whips. Back in April, a lady placed an order for a 4ft Australian stockwhip with that same pattern. At first I didn’t make any guarantees on if I could do it on a stockwhip.

With stockwhips, the keeper is a flat 6 plait that is changed to a round 12 plait to make the thong. This makes the pattern somewhat unpredictable until you actually lay it out and start plaiting. I knew every plait had to be in just the right place to make this happen. The good news is that I was able to make the pattern and it resulted in one of the finest nylon stockwhips I have made to date.

Here’s the whole thing:

Here’s the the keeper. My first couple of attempts at making stockwhip keepers left a lot to be desired. I am indebted to Tony Layzell for giving me some pointers this part; he actually took the initiative to get in touch with me to help. Not many plaiters will do that. Unbeknownst to me, Tony had pretty much perfected the nylon stockwhip before I started developing my own.  So while I hate to look like a copy-cat, I also recognize when it makes no sense to reinvent the wheel.

The plaited handle is made of light weight toheti cane and covered with a 16 plait. I decided to go with 2-tone turkshead knots to dress it up a bit.

Here’s the 7 part, 6 bight turkshead up close. This is the first whip I’ve made with this particular knot. I put a “12 gauge” concho on the end just for fun.

To order one of my nylon Australian stockwhips, visit my order page or email me @ for more information.

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3 responses to “Coral Snake Stockwhip

  • Tony

    Wow, you made me famous LOL….on a serious note it’s very kind of you to mention me, thanks, and the Stocky looks great….


  • Cole

    Rhett, I have scoured the Internet searching for a way to make a paracord stockwhips.

    I can make Bullwhips and Snakewhips, but I just don’t know how to make a stockwhip.

    This whip that you made is amazing in that it is paracord, but it doesn’t stray too far from how they traditionally looked (As in the shape and size).

    I understand that this is your business, so I wouldn’t ask how you did it, so in stead I will ask, do you sell a dvd on stockwhps like you do for cowwhips?

    It would just be great if you did, because I don’t even know where to start!
    How to attach the keeper, the right amount of bellies, binding them properly.

    Thanks for you’re time!


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