The Return of Joe Driver!

Some of my readers may recall a whipmjoedriveraker by the name of Joe Driver. Joe is one of my best friends and the only person I’ve ever allowed to come over to my house for the purpose of learning how to make whips. He’s done plenty of custom orders and a great deal of wholesale work as well.  Joe is also a pastor, school teacher, and a dedicated family man. Before taking a break from whipmaking a few years ago, Joe had made over 700 nylon whips.

Joe makes a quality product and is probably the most efficient whipmaker I know of when it comes to time and materials management. His website is The site is simple at the moment, but it has all the information you need and Joe tells me it will be getting some upgrades in the near future.

Welcome back Joe!

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One response to “The Return of Joe Driver!

  • Joe

    Thanks for the kind words bro. I can’t thank you enough for teaching me how to make high quality whips. It’s been so rewarding and God has brought wonderful friends into my life as a result of the craft. Keep up the great work on those new stock whips bro, they look FANTASTIC!!! Be blessed, Joe

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