3 Color Nylon Bullwhip

I want to show off a bullwhip I just finished. It’s an 8ft, 16 plait bullwhip; the first bullwhip I’ve made in which the overlay on the handle is made separately from the overlay on the thong. I had to do this in order to make the grip solid chocolate in color.  This technique is something I had wanted to try for a while and I finally got a chance to do it on this order. It was a bit more work to accomplish this, but not very difficult at all. This skill will come in handy when I get time to make a “Young Indy” bullwhip.

The handle is done in a double diamond plait with black and yellow turkshead knots:

Remember: 10% off all new bullwhip orders until the end of July!

(That means you can get your own custom crafted 8ft bullwhip for just $130.00 plus shipping!)


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