Kelley Bullwhip on World Wide Whips

I was browsing the famous World Wide Whips site a few days ago and was surprised to find one of my bullwhips there.  For a long time I thought I was one of the only whipmakers in the world who didn’t have a whip featured in Uwe’s collection. I guess I had overlooked it in the past because it was added back in 2007. Out of respect to Uwe’s copyright, I will not post his photo here, so please  click here to see the Kelley nylon bullwhip at World Wide Whips.

The whip is one of my old models with the tapering twist finishing out the thong. I’m not sure if the whip was bought directly by Uwe from me, or if he may have gotten it from eBay. Over the years it has become more difficult to remember every individual whip I have sold or who bought it. I appreciate Uwe adding it to his collection no matter how he obtained it.


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