The Young Indy Bullwhip

Today I would like to unveil one of my latest bullwhips: the “Young Indy”. While I’m by no means the first nylon whipmaker to make this particular style of bullwhip, I have been intrigued by the look of this whip for a long time and finally decided to make one. My goal is to offer a great looking Young Indy at a price that’s easy on the wallet in a tough economy.

For the uninitiated, this bullwhip is called the “Young Indy” because it’s a nylon replica of a bullwhip seen in The Last Crusade where the late River Phoenix portrays a young Indiana Jones cracking a whip for the first time. (see this page @ Indy Gear for a look at the screen shot of the Young Indy and other whips from the movies).

6ft “Young Indy” Bullwhip
Like my other nylon bullwhips, the Kelley made nylon Young Indy has a 16 plait overlay around 2 plaited bellies; each of the internal layers is reinforced to make a smooth, firm transition. The handle is 8″ long and plaited in a chessboard pattern in imperial red to achieve a nice, dark red color. The knots are 5 part-4 bight turksheads. This whip cracks with ease and handles great.

Similar Young Indy whips from other top quality plaiters will cost you between $130.00 and $165.00. The 6 ft. version of the Young Indy bullwhip is regular priced at just $108.00. And if you order between now and the end of July, the price is just $97.00. That’s a deal that’s hard to beat!

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Rhett Kelley


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