Indy Style Nylon Bullwhip

Are you a fan of the Indiana Jones movies, but can’t see spending $600.00 -$1000.00 on a leather replica of Dr. Jones’  famous whip? I’m happy to offer a solution: The Indy Style Nylon Bullwhip!

While nylon bullwhips are not considered “screen accurate,” I can build you a nylon bullwhip that is similar in design to the whips used in the movie –and at a fraction of the cost!

As with all of my nylon bullwhips, this whip is shot loaded and built from top quality nylon cord with 2 plaited bellies and a 16 plait overlay. The fall is made of white nylon to simulate  the look of the whitehide falls that were on the original Indy whips. The whip weighs in at 1 lb., 6 ounces and has been dipped in paraffin; so even if you’re on an adventure and end up in a river, your whip will be just fine. This whip cracks loud and with ease.

For nylon Indy Whips at unbeatable prices,think!


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