The All-American Bullwhip

In July I received an order for a bullwhip inspired by Old Glory. I finally got to make the whip last weekend and here is the result.

I wish I could claim to be the first nylon plaiter to make a nylon bullwhip to resemble the U.S. flag, but as far as I know, that honor goes to Ron Allen. It was earlier this year when I met Ron and saw one he had made. I thought it was the coolest nylon whip ever.

This whip is 8ft long and built in the traditional American style with a short, 8″ handle (Australian style bullwhips have 12″ handles). The heel knot is a 7 part, 6 bight turkshead and a the transition knot is 5 part, 4 bight knot.  I hardly ever build whips for myself, but this is definitely one of those whips I will hate to ship out.

Happy Crackin’


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