News and Policy Changes

First, the news:

For the next 4 months, I will be attending classes two nights per week to for training as an Emergency Medical Technician. I am very excited about this opportunity, but it will have an impact on my whip business during the time I am in school. Therefore, I will not be accepting new whip orders for at least one month starting today. After one month, I will take a look at how things are going and make a decision as to whether or not I will be accepting new orders.

If you are in need of a whip, please contact one of the following whipmakers that I recommend:

  1. Joe Driver by emailing
  2. Steve Huntress at
  3. K. J. Smith at
  4. Steven Susanka, Metro Whips. Email (very talented young plaiter from Dearborn Heights, MI)

The whipmakers I have listed above are guys that can make a quality whip without a super long wait. There are others I could list, but I’m not sure what they’re waiting list is like at this time.

The Policy Changes:

  1. Effective immediately, I will add a surcharge of $15 orders when customers order colors I do not normally stock. This fee will be added for each color ordered that is not on my color chart at Recently I have noticed a trend where people are ordering colors not on my chart and whenever I have to special order these smaller quantities of cord, it is much more expensive.
  2. Whips ordered in excess of 14ft for cow whips and 12 feet for bullwhips, snakewhips and stockwhips, may be subject to an additional fee which I will assess depending on the type and length of whip desired. For example: a 20ft cow whip would be $14.00 per foot plus a surcharge of $100.00.

Thank you and I hope you have a great day!


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