Order Book is Closed for April, But….

I’ve decided to use this time to promote some other whipmakers. I have come to know a few plaiters who are just starting out and/or have little or no web presence. These are guys you may not have heard about before, but they enjoy making whips and would be willing to take some orders while I’m working on my backlog.

Of the fellows I have in mind to include in this promotion, I intend to post a brief bio, some pictures of their work, and contact information so interested parties will know how to get in touch with the plaiter. Two of these plaiters are sending me a whip to try. If others do this as well, I may have some incite to share concerning how the whips crack too.

Keep checking back as I hope to start featuring these plaiters in the next couple of weeks.


Please note: Though I am not taking orders for whips at this time, I am continuing to fill orders for exotic handles, piggin’ strings, falls and crackers… Thanks!


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