Buy a Bracelet, Help Tucker!

I know today is April Fool’s Day, but I want to post something that is very true and not a joke at all…

If you work at a large business or facility, you can work at the place for years and never meet everybody. Such has been the case with me. My particular job keeps me somewhat isolated from most of the people where I work. Recently I heard about a guy (Jason) with a child who had some serious health issues. I had seen Jason around the warehouse, but we had never actually met.

I was finally able to meet Jason at work recently and he told me about his son, Tucker. Tucker is 9 and has a very rare condition called Hunter Syndrome. This requires lots of traveling to and from treatment which is very expensive. To help with these costs,  Jason’s wife Casey makes some very pretty bracelets and sells them on Etsy. The proceeds go to help with all the traveling and supplies they need to care for him. Each bracelet is handcrafted and is a unique piece.

Guys, this is a great way for you to buy your special lady a really nice bracelet she will love and help a young family that is experiencing a difficult challenge. I bought one for my wife today.

Their webstore is on Etsy and is called Making People Smile.

Thanks so much!

(Photo used with permission)

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