Indiana Jones KOTCS Nylon Bullwhip

I am happy to announce the latest addition to my line of Indiana Jones inspired bullwhips. This whip is made to resemble the bullwhip seen in The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull and is chocolate brown with black turkshead knots. The thong has a 16 plait overlay around 2 plaited bellies.

The transition of this whip has been lengthened to better resemble the KOTCS bullwhip. A nylon whip will never be “screen accurate;” my intent with this whip is not to make a “SA” whip, but to craft a reasonably priced, high quality nylon bullwhip that gives a good general impression of an Indy style bullwhip. As U.K. whipmaker Tony Layzell might say, this is my “interpretation” of the KOTCS bullwhip.

The total handle length is 8″ with the knots spaced 5″ apart. The heel knot is a 7 part, 6 bight turkshead taken twice around. The transition knot is a 6 part, 5 bight taken twice around.


Click here to see the entire line of RK Indy whips!

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