Whipmaker Intro: Jesse Hanna

Today I am introducing another up and coming whipmaker. Jesse Hanna made his first whip as a teenager in Texas. He  lives in Canada now and sells his whips to locals. My first encounter with Jesse was when he bought a whip from me a while back.

I recently had the pleasure of adding one of his whips to my collection (see picture). Jesse makes a very unique cow whip. His handles are sleek and beautiful. The whip is very fun to crack. I have really enjoyed it.

To contact Jesse about a whip, email him at cowboycrackers@gmail.com


About Rhett

A very happily married father of 5, professional whip maker, Beekeeper, EMT-I, and imperfect follower of The Lord Jesus Christ. If you need a custom built whip, I'm your guy. http://www.cowwhips.com View all posts by Rhett

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