New Pricing Structure

When I start accepting orders again, I will have an entirely new price structure. The prices will be higher than in the past, but I think the prices are still competitive. The side-effect will be that my waiting list becomes much shorter [hopefully]. I am doing away with the old “price per foot” structure than I have always used.  This change may also help customers figure the cost of their order more easily. On cow whips and woody bulls, the new prices will include a choice of exotic wood handles and not just my standard ash handle. (Some African species may cost a little more)

Cow Whips:

6ft        $120
8ft          140
10ft        160
12ft        180
14ft        200

Bullwhips (standard or woody)

5ft       $190
6ft         200
7ft         210
8ft         220
9ft         230
10ft       240


4ft       $130
5ft         140
6ft         150
7ft         160
8ft         170


5 ft          $120.00
6 ft            140.00
7 ft            160.00
8 ft            180.00
10 ft          200.00



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