Out of Action Due to Injury

It doesn’t happen often for a nylon plaiter, but today I drew blood! I was making handles for my son and the end of the handle I was drilling out split apart allowing the rotating wood bit to make contact with my left hand that was holding the piece. It chewed up the end of my index finger and “cradle area” by my thumb. It bled a lot and it throbbing like crazy right now. I think I’ll be out of action for upwards of a week.  I’m typing with only one hand right now… sad

This is the first such incident I’ve had in almost 10 years of whipmaking. Maybe I should’ve listened to my grandpa’s advice all these years and used something other than my hand to hold that handle while drilling it out!!!  wink tongue

To those waiting for an order, I apologize for the delay. As soon as I am able to use my left hand again, I’ll get back to work.



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