Just want to share some information with everyone to bring everyone up to speed on the latest from my neck of the woods…

1) I am eagerly awaiting the birth of my newest son, Vance. I expect my wife to start labor any time now.

2) We have started work on the cow whip construction DVD, but I will probably not have it ready for sale until October. I hope to work on it some while I’m off work after the baby is born.

3) I just finished my Basic EMT training. However, today I decided to take another EMT class starting in late September, this time it will be for the “EMT Intermediate” level. This will be a 8-10 week course, so it won’t last nearly as long as the previous course. Because of this development, I will not be taking new whip orders until I am finished with that course. (I will still accept orders for falls, handles, piggin’ strings and poppers)

I really appreciate everyone bearing with me through this time.



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