New Son, Working Hard to Catch Up

I am happy to announce that my newest son, Vance, was born on Thursday. He and my wife are now home and doing well. For those keeping track, this is child #5 for us. Vance is my 4th son.

With the new addition, I am scheduled to be on leave from my job for about 3 weeks. My plans are to help with the baby and really work hard to knock out as many of the whips on my list as possible. I have already made 2 since Friday. If memory serves, my friend Joe Driver made 8 whips in about 4 days during the Christmas rush last year, so I’m going to see if I can accomplish something along those lines while I am off. If I could make 30 whips in the next 3 weeks without my hands falling off, that would be awesome… Wish me luck.

(And Even if I am not able to make 30 whips during the next 3 weeks, I’ll hopefully be able to knock down a significant amount of time on everyone’s wait for their order. That’s the main thing I hope to accomplish.)

I’m also hoping that I will be able to get some more work done on the whipmaking video we are going to produce. That will largely depend on my wife’s recovery time from having the baby and if the baby will sleep long enough for us to do any filming in the evenings.

Thanks again,


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4 responses to “New Son, Working Hard to Catch Up

  • Robert Buckley

    That’s insane! I thought I was relatively quick with my plaiting, but that’s way beyond fast. Good luck!

    My warmest congrats on the new little one as well my friend.

    Robert Buckley

    • Rhett


      I completed an 8ft cow whip overlay in 70 minutes on Wed evening -timed it on my stopwatch. Probably a personal record. The real trick is making sure the quality doesn’t suffer as a result of the speed. I don’t speed plait very often.

      I’ve made (2) 8ft, (1) 10ft, and (1) 6ft cow whip since that evening. My fingers may not hold out much longer. LOL

      God bless,

  • Robert Buckley

    Yeah I know what you mean! I forgot to mention that I wanted to thank you for the business again. Kim called about a bullwhip for her daughter on Friday last week and needed it in the mail by Monday….so I lost some sleep and got it done in two nights, and my hands were just about done….maybe I’m pulling TOO hard. But that was definitely the fastest one I’ve had to make, and yet still doesn’t stand up to your times! Haha.

    Robert Buckley

  • Stephane Normand

    Just wanted CONGRATS!!! on the newest addition to the Kelley family šŸ™‚

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