Whip Basics DVDs Now Available!

The Whip Basics DVDs have arrived and are now available for sale! This series of DVDs will take you through the most basic whip cracks and into an extended combination of 23 cracks by the time you reach volume 3.

Here’s what each volume teaches:

Volume 1: This DVD emonstrates and explains the five best known cracks: Circus crack, the Underhand, Forward, Horizontal and Opposite Horizontal. It goes into detail on the various techniques and points out the most common mistakes made by beginners. By the end of the video, you will learn a 4 crack combination.

Volume 2: This DVD picks up where volume 1 leaves off. It explains the Figure 8 (fast and slow), a variation of the Forward crack, the Coachman’s Crack, a New 10 crack sequence and focuses on target work. As in the previous volume, you will learn how to avoid common mistakes.

Volume 3: The third installment of the series directly builds on volume 2 and explains other things such as the Slow Figure 8 Overhead, how to safely turn during complex routines, and also goes into detail on wrapping objects and persons safely. It concludes with a 23 crack combination.


WB Vol. 1 $19.99,  WB Vol. 2 $19.99,  WB Vol. 3 $19.99,

WB Vol. 1-3 Compilation $50.00 (buy all three and save!)

Please email me at Rhettswhips@yahoo.com to order!

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