Cow Whip Tutorial DVD Update #2

The filming of my upcoming  6ft cow whip tutorial DVD is nearing completion! In the photo here, you can see the finished black and tan thong and the zebrawood blank I will be using for the handle.

Today we finished shooting the construction of the thong . Tomorrow I will do the introduction segment and a segment on handles.  For the sake of time and disc space, I will not show handle construction in full detail, but I will include some footage from before, during, and after it’s completed. I will be talking about different ways of obtaining handles for those who do not have a lathe.

The only thing so far that I wish I could change is that I could not get the newer, better camera to work with my movie making software. Therefore, I had to use my older camera and a small portion of the footage (when zoomed in) came out a little bit grainy. I didn’t realize this until after the whip was finished, but in spite of that, I think it won’t hinder anyone’s learning. Also, I now believe this project may require 2 DVD discs.

Please note:

In order to find a nice home for the whip I have made for this tutorial, I am going to offer the very first DVD set and the whip from the video on eBay. It will have a signed certificate with it stating that it is the first edition DVD set and that the whip is the one I made in the video. This will be made available before the DVDs are officially for sale. Stay tuned for that announcement!

Have a great weekend!


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