Pre-Order Tutorial DVDs Now!

I have seen a great deal of interest in my upcoming nylon whipmaking tutorial DVD. I’ve already had several people ask me to put them on a list to receive the DVDs when I have them ready to release. I am hoping the first copies will be ready over this coming weekend.

If you would like to be added to the list, please email me at Rhettswhips @ with your contact info and “whipmaking DVD” in the subject line.

While I am still planning to post the first DVD set and the whip on eBay, I will go ahead and open it up to start receiving orders for the DVD.

You don’t have to put any money down, just email me your name, address, and phone # along with how many copies you are interested in buying. After the first DVD set sells on eBay, I will start contacting everyone who wants the tutorial and start shipping out the orders.

If you happen to win the auction, I will gladly take your name off the DVD order list.

The total price with shipping included (to U.S. addresses) will be $85.00. That’s not cheap, but it’s nearly 20 years of cow whip making experience I am sharing. Think of it like this, it is much cheaper than having me come teach you in person and you can play it over and over again!

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