Whip Making DVDs Release Friday!

As you may know already, I am selling the first copy of my whip making tutorial DVD on eBay along with the whip I made in the video. This auction ends on Thursday evening.

The following day the DVDs start shipping to the general public. I already have a growing list of names of people wanting a copy as soon as it releases, if you are interested, please send me an email at rhettswhips @ yahoo dot com to get on the pre-order list.

  • Disc 1 covers some Florida history, supplies, and making the belly (46 minutes).
  • Disc 2 covers making the overlay, handle options, and waxing. (59 minutes)
  • I even have a short bloopers reel for some levity.

The price is $85.00 for the 2 DVD set. This included shipping in the U.S.

Are you an overseas buyer needing PAL format? No problem! I can do it. Just let me know you need a PAL copy when you order.

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