Whip Making DVDs For Sale Now!

I am ready to start taking orders for my nylon cow whip whipmaking DVDs.

If you would like to order a copy, please contact me at “Rhettswhips @ yahoo dot com.”

Again, the price is $85.00 with shipping included to U.S. addresses. (International orders may be more due to shipping)

I can PAL discs for international customers who may need that format.

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2 responses to “Whip Making DVDs For Sale Now!

  • Methen


    I am interested in makeing a 6′ nylon snake whip, after that if all goes well I would like to atempt to make either a 6′ or 9′ Kavlar snake whip. This is my fist attempt to make a whip

    My questions are: what type of material would be used for the nylon whip and where could one find it. Are the nylon and Kavlar made the samy way as leather snake whip?



    • RBK

      To find materials for making nylon whips, please visit my whipmaking page here on the blog. As to the differences in construction of nylon and kevlar whips, I am not able answer because I have never used kevlar.

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