Tony Layzell Reviews Cow Whip Tutorial DVDs!

Cow Whip Tutorial DVD Review by Tony Layzell

October 11, 2010

Rhett Kelly Cow Whip Tutorial DVD

I received my copy of the tutorial DVD recently and wanted to put pen to paper and sing its praises now I’ve watched it….

I think Rhett was a little surprised I wanted to buy a copy, I kind of collect DVD’s  in the same way that some folks collect whips, I’ve got as far as I know one of every tutorial that’s out there relating to whips and plaiting. I always figure you’ll get from them at least a few new things to try out or if by chance your own construction methods are identical you at least know you’re doing it right, and over and above that I just like them….

Production Quality

I saw Rhett posting on a forum about the difficulty he had experienced with editing, lighting etc, I have to say I was very  pleasantly surprised when my parcel arrived, the front cover is really nicely done, the box opens and the two discs are presented on a plastic insert that turns like the page of a book so that amused me greatly…..the discs themselves have a photo on them and are clearly marked so there is no confusion as to which one to play first, that’s real handy if you’re a thick old English man. A really professional job I think.

The Disc Content

Well where to begin is the problem:-

Regards the quality, lighting etc then this is fantastic, very clear crisp sharp picture and no problem at all hearing what Rhett is saying, a really good job…

Content…..I’m going to start a little bit back to front here with the handle which on the DVD Rhett does after the thong, you see the handle formed from the blank bit of wood right through to where it is ready to be attached to the thong, if you have a lathe and can use it all the information you need is there  but realistically if you don’t have a lathe and the skill set to use that lathe, like me, then you’re not going to be churning out cow whip handles, however Rhett sells handles, something I’d not cottoned on to before, so if you can’t do your own then having seen the work that goes into one and the small price charged why not buy them from Rhett, he is clearly a master at it…..I thought it really quite clever that he had covered both options here and now I know he sells handles will be treating myself to a matched pair in the new year…..

So back to the beginning, it starts out giving you a whole host of information on the tools you need, where to get them from and my favourite part was the history of the Florida Cow Whip, I told Rhett before I bought that I’m sure he’d educate me and he did…..He also shows several books that will come in handy if you’re starting out, all in all very comprehensive and informative…

The tutorial then starts proper, well what can I say, fantastic, Rhett has covered every minute detail in an easy to understand way, I have absolutely no doubt at all that a total novice could with a little patience build a Florida Cow whip to a very reasonable standard first go and with practice and by watching the DVD over and over in a very short space of time be able to build them to a commercial sellable standard….Brilliant!

Waxing, I really watched this section hard, I tried and dismissed waxing when I first started making nylon whips so have a very expensive double boiler and sacks of wax sat doing nothing under a bench in my workshop, I now realise that my experiments with wax saw me not heating the wax to anywhere near hot enough or leaving the whip in the wax anywhere near long enough…… for me this part of the tutorial was the most educational by far…… range of nylon whips very much has it’s own reputation built up over time so I’m not intending to start waxing all my whips now, however in the new year when my workbook is a little quieter I am going to drag my boiler out, do a few experiments and then once I have sussed waxing at least offer it as an option on my site, cheers Rhett, told you you’d educate me…..

I can’t not mention the out takes, another favourite part for me, very funny and nice to see another side to Rhett too……

In conclusion

If your looking to improve your current whip making ability, looking to make a whip for the first time or like me just a collector then click the banner, visit Rhett and buy the DVD set off him, I can’t recommend them high enough, a really comprehensive, educational, value for money purchase I think…..



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