Cow Whip Tutorial Follow Up: Leon’s Cow Whip

Going forward, I will be posting photos that people send me of the cow whips they’ve made using my nylon whipmaking tutorial DVDs. I’m getting lots of great feedback and hope to have lots of pics to show here as time goes by.

The whip in the photo here was made by Leon S. in Canada. Leon was already established as a whipmaker before getting my video, but in his blog he notes that he learned a few new tricks and was pleased with it. Leon did a fine job in my opinion. Leon obtained the handle from another Canadian whipmaker;  it really looks awesome with the thong he plaited.

Anyone interested in ordering a copy of my Florida Cow Whip Tutorial may email me at Rhettswhips @ yahoo .com for more information. The DVDs are $85.00 with shipping included in the U.S.A.; they normally ship within one business day after payment has been received.

Here’s a link to Leon’s blog where you can read his comments about the tutorial.




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