Nylon Survival Bracelets

There are times, such as while I’m working EMS, when I’m not able to make a whip, but I could be working on something smaller. For several weeks I’ve had people asking me if I can make them nylon bracelet like they’ve seen on the Survival Straps website. I’m happy to announce that the Kelley family  now offers similar bracelets that are a bit better priced. We make can make them with tough plastic clasps or with a loop and button knot in sizes to fit babies or grown-ups.

We make these bracelet in two widths: 1 inch and 5/8 of an inch. In the photo here, you can see the difference between the 1″ thick and 5/8″ thick bracelets. The larger bracelets have around 15ft of  paracord that you can unravel and deploy in emergencies when you need some cord.

If you are interested in ordering a Kelley-made survival bracelet, please email me at Rhettswhips@yahoo.com

Depending on size, colors, and attachment options, our prices are $15.00 to $20.00 per bracelet (including postage in the USA).

Bracelets are made by either myself or my son or daughter.

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2 responses to “Nylon Survival Bracelets

  • lawrence

    I am interested in your bracelets and i am curious if you include instructions to re-weave in case after use in a survival sit, it is reusable ?

    • Rhett

      I don’t include instructions for reweaving it, but it’s easy to learn on Youtube. I think you can look it up as a cobra braid. I suppose you could reuse it, but if I had to deploy it I would probably just buy or make a new one. 🙂

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