Whip Making DVD Available at Ubraidit.com!!

I should have done this long before now, but I am happy to announce that Ubraidit.com is carrying my whip making DVDs!

Ubraidit has been a leading promoter of the art of braiding as well as the do-it-yourself spirit that it takes to make whips and other braided goods for many years now. In light of that, I figured it only made sense to contact them about carrying my whipmaking DVD. After reviewing the production, Ubraidit decided to stock the videos.

What makes it Ubraidit such a good source of my nylon whipmaking DVD is that you can obtain nearly all the supplies you need right from their website instead of having to shop around all over the web. Also, Ubraidit is known for its friendly customer service.

So now you have two sources for the video: direct from myself, or from Ubraidit.com. Either route you choose will make me happy!

Until next time,



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One response to “Whip Making DVD Available at Ubraidit.com!!

  • Matthew Ford

    Hey there! How are you? I was just looking at all these beautiful whips that you, (Rhett), make. I was wondering on how to go about getting one of them… Is there a phone number or some way that I can contact you, or one of your stores for more information? Please contact me back as soon as possible. Thank you and have a blessed day.

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