Whip Repair Video

The video below shows the steps I go through in repairing cow whips that people send to me. I don’t know who made the whip originally, but it was sent to me from someone in Georgia and as I was looking through my blog archives and realized this whip was probably made by whoever made the one featured in this article that was sent to me from Oklahoma. Whipmakers normally have their own signature styles and ways of doing things. In this instance, the handles look similar and the bellies were both made by taping cords together and instead of being plaited. This all leads me to believe these whips were made by the same person and I just happened to be the guy selected to fix them up. The one in the video was in much worse shape than its sibling.

The video starts out very blurry, but gets better after a couple of minutes and I am sorry for that. I had the camera on the wrong setting and didn’t know it until it was too late to go back.

If you have a cow whip that looks like this and need it repaired. I typically do these for around $35-45 depending on the damage. I don’t care who originally made it, if I can fix it and make it better, I’d be happy to do it.

Rhett Kelley

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