Nylonwhips.com Domain Registered

I want to let everyone know that if they look up the domain nylonwhips.com, they will find themselves landing on my main website Cowwhips.com. As of yesterday, I’m now the owner of the nylonwhips.com domain. This domain was previously owned by Ron Allen doing business as Loxahatchee Whip Company.

I registered the domain because it had expired and it doesn’t appear that Ron Allen is going to be returning to selling whips online for a while. The name  fits my website even better than Cowwhips.com because I now make more than just nylon cow whips.

I realize that perhaps some will see this as a case of opportunistic cyber-squatting, but I was able to get in touch with Ron recently and told him my plans. He had no problem with it and I told him that if he ever decided to get back into selling whips online, I would sell him back the domain. Had the domain fallen into the hands of someone else, there would be no guarantee Ron would get it back.

If linking to me, it may still be better just to use Cowwhips.com or Rhettswhips.com, because until Ron tells me otherwise, I am treating my ownership of nylonwhips.com as temporary.

Have a great day!

Rhett Kelley

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