Economy Tough? Learn to Make Whips!

The economy is tough for lots of people now. Many have been laid off or face having their job cut. What will happen when gasoline prices go back to over $4.00/ gallon? Now is not the time to look to government to fix things. It’s time to take action. Learn new skills. Create opportunities for yourself by finding ways to make additional income from various sources so that you don’t have to reply solely upon your employer -or a government check if that fails.

You probably already know where I am going with this, and you would be correct. Investing some money and time in learning to make whips can be one way you can earn some extra cash in these uncertain times. My whipmaking DVD can help you do that.

In the last 10 years, I’ve seen this happen many times with people who never had any intention of making whips for profit. I’ve lost count of all the people over the years who emailed me wanting help with whipmaking. Most tell me they have no intention of selling whips,  then later the same people would emailed me saying they were selling whips because they had so many people offering to buy them.

Having my Cow Whip Tutorial DVDs cuts down on the learning curve. Using it, you can start producing quality whips much more quickly than if you try to figure it out on your own. Many of my DVD customers are already doing it. One of my customers having great success is Vernon Wilson from Oklahoma.  He has sold many whips locally and now has one on eBay. The money he invested in the DVDs and supplies is already paying rewards. Once he gets a website going, I am certain he will see even more orders.

I don’t want to make you think it’s going to be easy. You just don’t buy the DVD and magically start selling whips. Before you can even use my DVDs you will need to learn how to plait. It takes time, patience, and hard work. But if you’re dedicated and persevere, you can do it. Once you get proficient at making whips, people you wouldn’t even suspect will want to by whips once they know you can make them. And of course, I am always happy to help out those who buy my DVDs and start turning out nice whips.

If you’re interested in learning to make your own Florida cow whips, send me an email at rhettswhips @ yahoo .com. The price for the 2 DVD set is $85.00 and that includes shipping to U.S. addresses.

Happy plaiting!


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