Whipmaking Supplies: Sinker Cord for Sale!

In my whipmaking DVD, I recommend using 3/8″ sinker cord to load with BBs for weighting nylon whips. Sinker cord is available online at less than $0.15/ft, but the shipping rates are outrageous because they only ship via UPS. If you only want 6ft of sinker cord, you’re looking at paying around $17.00!! Unless you’re going to make lots of whips, you may not want to buy the amount needed to make it worth paying such high shipping fees.

Here’s the Good news: I now have 3/8″ sinker cord available for purchase with postage included in the price

Using the example above, If you order 6ft of sinker cord from me, you only pay $6.00, saving you around $11.00!

New prices!

The more sinker cord you buy, the cheaper it is per foot:

1-19 ft = $1.00/ft
20-49ft = $0.85/ft
50ft -69ft = $0.70/ft
70ft – 99ft = $0.55/ft
100ft and over = $0.45/ft

1st class Postage included to all U.S. addresses! Priority Mail for orders over $20.00!

To order, email Rhettswhips @ yahoo .com

-Rhett Kelley

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4 responses to “Whipmaking Supplies: Sinker Cord for Sale!

  • jim Philips

    I recently purchased your Florida cow whip tutorial. Either I missed it wasn’t paying attention, but what size paracord are you using?
    I’m just about ready to begin this project, but I don’t want to get halfway through before realizing I might have the wrong size paracord.
    Thanks….your tutorial is very helpful.
    I think you mentioned that you come from a ranch family in Lake County.
    I’m pretty good friends with the Holland family who own and operate TM Ranch….12-thousand acre operation southeast of Orlando near St. Cloud and next to the huge Mormon-owned ranch.

    • RBK

      I use 650 paracord. You can get it at ubraidit.com. Just pull out the inner strands before you plait it.

      I think the 550 cord will work okay too, but I’ve never used it,



  • Eloise

    Thanks alot – your answer solved all my poblrmes after several days struggling

  • SFC (R) Morris Persson

    I will be purchasing in the future some of your sinker cord, I was wondering if you use Real BB’s, or if you are using lead shot from a Shotgun reloading. and with 3/8’s size do you have to double it up, or do you have some instructions for proper length’s.

    Thanks for your time, I have done a lot of braiding and knots, but this will be the first of hopefully many.

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