I regret to say that I am not accepting whip orders for a while. My waiting list is still so long I cannot get a handle on it. However, I am still accepting DVD orders and orders for handles, poppers, and piggin’ strings.

In the meantime, please visit my friend Diamond Whip Co. if you need a whip quickly.



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3 responses to “Update

  • jim Philips

    I’ve made two (working on third) cow whips following directions on your dvd tutorial. Each one looks better than the previous one. The plaits are tighter and straighter. By the way, my first whip patterned after your method cracked just as well, if not better, than some expensive Australian stock whips that I have.
    In your dvd you drop a short strand…fourth from the top…and continue the plaiting. This differs from page 66 in Rod Edwards book re: dropping strands.
    How did you develop your method? Is it better than that described in Edwards’ book or does it make no difference….is it just a matter of preference?
    And, when will you have a dvd on bullwhips?
    Jim Philips

    • RBK

      Congrats! I am glad to hear that.

      The bullwhip DVD was supposed to be out already, but my plans blew up in my face, so now I’m not sure when (or if) I’ll do it.

      The dropping method is just the way I do it. It doesn’t really matter which you use as long as it works.


  • Robert

    Rhett’s Motto……..”If it works, just do it”

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