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To the right you will see my Facebook fan page badge. I’ve had that fan page for a while, but I haven’t really done a lot with it. That is apparent by the abysmally low number of fans subscribed at the time I am writing this  [150].  Hopefully all that’s about to change as I plan to promote and update it more often. If you’re interested in keeping up with stuff I’m doing with the whips, please click there and “like” the page.

I once had my personal Facebook profile badge posted there, but I think the time has came for me to somewhat separate my business from my personal Facebook activities. Over time, I now have hundred of “friends,” many of whom I don’t know at all. Though I try to be a nice guy, I am rather opinionated and I commonly post things totally unrelated to whips or whipmaking. I know for certain that I’ve actually angered a customer or two with my personal opinions on Facebook, so I think separating the business from the personal side seems to be the best solution.

So here’s the deal going forward… If you know me personally, then by all means send me a friend request on Facebook.

If you don’t know me personally and are simply interested in whip related topics, then I ask that you please connect with me on the fan page only. This way you will get what you’re looking for an not have to wade through things you may not care anything about.

Fair enough?

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