Order Book Open Again!

After closing my order book for most of the last year, I am finally working on the final order I had from 2011.

I am now accepting orders again, but please keep in mind the following things:

  1. Payment in full is required before I will start working on the order, but:
  2. No deposit or payment is required to get on the waiting list.
  3. I cannot accurately say how long it will take me to get to your order.
  4. The order book will fill quickly and is subject to be closed if and when I get more orders than I can fill.

For now, email is best because my new job schedule is crazy and I may not be home if you call in the order. I can be reached at Rhettswhips at Yahoo.com or you can use the following contact form:



Rhett Kelley


About Rhett

A very happily married father of 5, professional whip maker, Beekeeper, EMT-I, and imperfect follower of The Lord Jesus Christ. If you need a custom built whip, I'm your guy. http://www.cowwhips.com View all posts by Rhett

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