The FCE Stockwhip

I’m very happy to introduce my newest line of nylon whips. It is the very affordable “FCE stockwhip.” FCE stands for “fast, cheap, and easy,” a name coined by my wife and I while out for lunch recently. The FCE was developed out of a desire to offer a simple,  high quality,  nylon whip at price low enough that even those on a very tight budget could afford it.

Why the name “Fast, Cheap, and Easy?”

FAST: With its 4ft thong and 20″ fiberglass handle, these whips are fast. Not only that, the FCE whips are fast to make. By using a fiberglass handle with a non-slip rubber grip, it reduces the amount of time it takes for me to make the whip and enables me to get them out more quickly.

CHEAP: At a base price of just $87.00, these whips are among the cheapest professionally made nylon stockwhips on the market. And although the FCE is priced cheap, it’s not cheaply made. Unlike a certain popular line of low priced whips from New Zealand, the thong of the FCE are handmade [by yours truly] to the same standards as my regular stockwhips -and cost less than the competition to boot. No machine woven nylon rope here!

EASY: Easy to crack, easy to make! These little whips really crack nicely. It takes little effort to get a very nice crack out of them. With the 2 major customization options being the handle colors and the length, the whips are easier  for me to make than some of my other more customized whip designs.


The basic $87.00 FCE whip is 4ft long with choice of handle and the keeper and thong in solid black. The main option for customizing the FCE is handle color. Handles are available in orange, blue, purple, pink, and green. Add $10/ft for thongs longer than 4ft. Other customizations will be handled on an individual basis with prices to be determined during the ordering process.

To order, visit my contact page.

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One response to “The FCE Stockwhip

  • Peter Gamble

    FCE Review
    I believe I was the first customer to receive the a FCE whip and I am so pleased I took the chance on this new product, bear in mind that customs import and VAT all add to the cost of anything brought into the UK but this product still represents excellent value for money.
    I’ve cracked a range of whips from different makers and have run Whip Cracking Conventions and workshops, so what was my first impression? “Workmanlike but stylish” a whip designed for a tough life in the stock yard or in the hands of a beginner.
    It’s heavier than you expect a nylon stock whip to be and the style of the keeper adds to that impression but in the hand it’s not too heavy and it is that weight and heft that assures its readiness to crack even in the hands of a total novice. At 4ft (actually 46 inches on my whip ) you don’t expect a whip to roll out so readily, especially fresh out of the box but it does and it shows the inherent quality of the construction and braiding, this encourages confidence in target cracks and multiple cracking alike or just having fun. In fact I strapped her to a motorbike and cracked her on some mountains in Wales just for the fun of it. … Any downside? well initially I missed a butt knot but not for long and I understand Rhett may offer that option in the future as an add-on so you can further customize the whip to suit your taste
    The rubber grip is comfortable with a taper that allows you to adjust your hand position to suit your hand span, small hand? Hold it higher up, big hands? Hold it lower down 
    Overall? Tremendous quality at a budget price, whether for practice, workshops or out on the range every cracker should have one in their whip bag and preferably two .. in contrasting colours …. with matching cow whips…..:-) Peter Gamble

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