Coming Soon: Whipmaking Kits and Coreless Paracord

I’m very happy to announce that I’m working out the details to be able to offer complete kits to go along with my whipmaking DVDs!

The kits will offer my DVD students the essential tools needed for the project, but without having to shop all over the web to find them. The kits will include: a cow whip handle, sinker cord, lacing needle, hemostats, fid, woodburning tool, and 500ft of coreless nylon paracord in one color.

The whipmaking kits will be available with or without the DVDs.  (The kit and DVDs together will cost $150.00 plus shipping. Separately, the kits are $100 each.)

Selling paracord is something I swore I’d never get into. However, I recently stumbled upon a deal that will allow me to offer my customers and friends coreless paracord at a good price. I will soon have available 500ft spools of coreless paracord in all the usual colors we whipmakers use.

While the coreless cord won’t be quit as cheap as the regular cord, the time a whipmaker saves having to pull out the inner stands will make it worth the extra price.

To keep things simple, I will only offer 500ft spools. I don’t have the time or manpower for getting into making custom cut orders. The spools will cost $35.00 each plus shipping. I am securing the regional flat rate shipping boxes from USPS in order to keep shipping prices as low as possible.

Though I’m going to be selling coreless paracord, I will continue to recommend all my original suppliers for your regular paracord needs as they can provide it at better prices that I can right now.

Until I get everything put together and added to my website, you can order cord and kits directly from me by calling or emailing me (See contact/order page). Stay tuned for more information.

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