Austrian Whip Cracking Contest

I have no clue what they’re saying, but I like the sound they’re making!

Sure, the cracks aren’t as elaborate as in Australian style whip cracking, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I think the differences in whip cracking  between cultures are something that ought to be recognized and celebrated even though one style may be more elaborate than others.

[Edit: One of my Facebook page members posted this link for some background on what this is:]

I would love to get a line up of guys like this using 12ft cow whips. The sound would be deafening!

Thanks goes out to Pete Gamble of Pic-N-Mix Circus for finding this.

-Rhett Kelley

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One response to “Austrian Whip Cracking Contest

  • simon minckwitz

    its very fine to see a short movie about our whipcracking in the bavarian/austrian alps . we do it in springtime to bring the winter out . its a old old tradition and the whips a very heavy

    greets simon

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