New bullwhip designs on the horizon

I’m not sure why, but I’ve noted recently that a plain black bullwhip will garner many more “likes” and attention on Facebook than something more flashy looking. That being said, I’ve decided to start promoting my fancier work a bit more than in the past.

Whipmaker Tony Layzell in the U.K. was the man who was graciously helped me with learning a more simple way of doing the designs around four years ago. I’ve done this sort of work when requested in the past, but I never really advertised it much as I always preferred doing the simpler designs.  My personality type likes “comfort zones,” so that’s where I tended to remain.

Now that I’m full time making whips, it does get somewhat dull doing the same old patterns all the time. I also figure my Facebook fans will eventually tire of seeing the same things over and over again when I post whip photos. I will be updating my main website soon to make these options easier to select without having to contact me to make a special request. Here are photos of a couple of recent examples:

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3 responses to “New bullwhip designs on the horizon

  • Will

    I really like the patterns on the handle on the red/black whip. It feels more solid. Restrained embellishment.

  • Landgrave Smith

    Very handsome Rhett! The red and black is very effective. I used to like simple black or brown, but that changed over time. To me, nylon seems to use brighter “jewel” colors to better advantage than leather, while leather wants more subdued colors. But that is purely personal. There are other preferences of equal merit. The craftsmanship and handling is what makes a well-done whip true functional art, independent of color scheme. And on that, agreement is virtually universal. Another very nice piece of work there.

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