Why you need to like the Rhett Kelley Whip Maker page!

I’ve had a Facebook fan/business page for a while now. At this time, it’s approaching 1400 likes! And, quite honestly, that’s astounding to me. I never imagined it would grow so much. I try to update it daily with photos of projects, finished whips, and other things that could be of interest.

I often get friend requests on my personal page from customers or friends of friends in the whip cracking/making community. While I appreciate those requests, I may not approve them because I want to get my personal profile narrowed down to family, personal friends, and former co-workers/classmates I want to keep in touch with.

If you like my whip page, I can assure you I will be just as active and approachable as I am on my personal page. You’ll get to see all the newest whips before anyone else and have the most up to date information about what’s going on at Rhett Kelley Whips, LLC. I promise, you won’t miss anything. In fact, my personal page activity has little to do with whips or whipmaking so you’ll probably get bored  anyway.

So, once again, I appreciate those who want to connect with me on Facebook, so please visit and like Rhett Kelley -Whip Maker!

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