Welcome to the Synthetic and Supersonic Blog!

Hello! I’m Rhett Kelley. The name for this blog is inspired from my nylon whips. They’re synthetic and when cracked, they break the sound barrier, thus making them “supersonic.” I’ve been handcrafting nylon whips since 1991 making me one of the most experienced nylon whipmakers on the web at just 35 years of age. When I first set up my online presence, hardly any nylon plaiters were selling whips through their own “.com” site. In addition, the Florida cow whip was not well known or used within the whipcracking community and nylon was looked upon with skepticism as a material for making whips.  Almost a decade later, things have changed! I don’t claim all the credit for that, but I am happy to have played a big part of it.

I’ve set up this blog to post information concerning nylon whips, whip care, whip cracking, whipmaking, and other items that may be of interest to the whip cracking community at large.

I’m very excited to announce that I am selling a tutorial DVD to teach folks how to make their own 6ft nylon Cow Whips.

Here is a banner that the good folks over at the Whip Basics site made for me. Please feel free to use it on your family friendly websites/blogs if you link to me. Thanks!


5 responses to “About

  • Will Cato

    It was great talking to you definitely seem to enjoy your trade.

  • sergio algarme


    The coral snake pattern you used just stole my thunder, but good for you…i was just thinking of making one in that color scheme and came across your work while researching the coral snake,,,. My obsession for whips began in my early child hood. I purchaced a few from TJ and made a few my self. About 24 years ago I had a few strange dreams
    one was about a very strange whip being made of a mysterious synthetic fiber and another dream about a whip of fire…. Well lo and behold the nylon snakes are here as well as the burners are here!!! and dreams do come true!

    • Rhett

      Thanks. I think the first coral snake themed whip I made was in 2001 at the request of Steve Koliski of 21stcenturywhips.com. I had never made a 3 color whip until then.

  • rebecca

    Hi. I found you through another forum, where you posted a picture of a Curly Dekle whip. Curly was my great grandfather. I would love to be able to find and purchase some of his whips for my dad. Do you know where/how I could locate his whips? Thanks for any help you can provide!

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